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Lingam Massage : 1200RMB/90minutes

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for male sexual organ. It is often translated to “the Wand of Light”, an element of the human body that channels positive and creative energy as well as the source of ultimate pleasure. When we dig further into the principles of Tantra, we will find that lingam and the practice of Lingam massage are regarded as one of the best practices to build spiritual bonds and enhance a man’s sexual energy substantially.

The highly sensual massage that accompanies each session is known as the Lingham massage (for males)   It is meant as an emotional journey into your inner self, during which everything that can be experienced should be experienced.  This massage invites you to stay close to yourself and not to be distracted by things around you.  This part of the massage normally occurs after almost three quarters of the time has been devoted to the rest of the body including various other erogenous zones, awakening it and preparing it for this honoring.  Since this is not intended to be a sexual massage, and physical climax is not the goal, you are encouraged toward the slow savory of the whole blissful process which would open up to a blend new horizon of ecstatic state. 

During this part of the massage, the utmost respect and gentleness is used in order to extend the experience of safety and sacredness that was established in the beginning of the session.   Once the life force is awakened, it is then lovingly encouraged to flow upward through the energy centers of the body, known as "chakras", and outward to all the extremities. As the energy and ecstasy expands, it cleanses and activates your entire self. Sometimes this may produce an emotional release, deep insight, or mystical experiences.

At the beginning of the session, you rest with a pillow or a tower placed under your head; this is important since it allows you to look at the partner or  Masseur  performing the Lingam massage in order to strengthen the spiritual bond. Pillows or cushions may also be placed under the knees for better comfort.

The position you are in allows you to be in a relaxed state. You will feel it as your body and mind slowly let go of the problems or negative thoughts you have while going into a deeper state of relaxation. With the mind and body fully rested, dead cells can be replaced quickly and your energy will naturally be recharged.

Masseur will then apply a massage oil of your choice onto the pelvic region. The Lingam massage starts with soft pressures to the  Masseur ; the stimulations are very enjoyable and will not cause you pain at all. As the session continues, the Masseur will then focus on other parts of your Lingam including the head and the infamous Sacred Spot.

Lingam massage service we have in store for you is highly customizable. You can choose from our array of gorgeous  Masseur all of our  Masseur are highly trained and have already mastered the art of Tantra in order to provide you with the best services possible. Every detail of the session can be customized as well, including where the Lingam massage treatment is performed or the particular massage oil used for the ritual.

So, what are you waiting for? Ultimate pleasure is just a phone call away. Booking your own session of Lingam massage and experience pleasure and sensations unlike anything you have experienced before. Enjoy the benefits we have discussed in this part – as well as many others that come with the practice of Lingam massage and Tantra in general – today.


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