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Prostate Massage : 1200RMB/90minutes

The prostate is sometimes referred to as the quot;male g-spotquot;. some men can achieve orgasm solely through stimulation of the prostate gland, such as prostate massage or receptive anal intercourse. men who report the sensation of prostate stimulation often give descriptions similar to females ; accounts of g-spot stimulation . prostate massage is also used for sexual stimulation, often in order to reach orgasm...

Prostate massage has become a common sexual practice in couples; sexual lives as men seem to experience high levels of pleasure from it. also, the advent of equipment and products for prostate massage encourages people to try it. many couples though do not purchase such devices but use the finger for anal penetration and prostate stimulation to enhance the man;s orgasm. the finger or the prostate massager is introduced into the rectum through the anus and the prostate gland is gently massaged. the main problem in using the finger is that it may be too short to reach the prostate gland .Prostate massage can be performed individually or with the help of a partner. some men prefer being anally stimulated by their partner during foreplay or after intercourse. men can excite their own prostates while masturbating using anal penetration devices...

There are a few safety matters concerning prostate stimulation and anal penetration. It is strongly recommended that plenty of lubricant is used with prostate massagers to prevent rectal  damage. a smaller instrument or finger may be introduced gradually to minimize the discomfort that some may feel. massagers may be used with or without a condom; however, because of the bacteria found in the rectum, if a condom is not used, it is very important to clean the tool with antibacterial soap before use in another orifice or by a partner...

Prostate massage is highly technical, rolling, kneading, sensual masseur take the combination of traditional chinese medicine theory of main and collateral channels, compliance,  yishion plant essential oils with the massage, penetrate into the subcutaneous capillary and circulatory system, supplemented by xuan vibration incense sticks the stimulation, the main and collateral channels active, stimulate the male hormone secretion, helps the body comprehensive warm the meridians, tonifying qi, thereby improving the prostate with function ...


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